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Heroïne AW17

bateeq  Heroïne AW17

Heroïne AW17

Bateeq presents its latest Fall/Winter 2017 Collection dubbed “Heroine”. Heroine derives from the definition of a female hero. The idea came to fruition during a discussion regarding Ms Cut Meutia, a female national hero from Aceh that is featured on the latest Indonesian Rupiah banknotes.


The first motif featured in the collection is the ‘Kawung Semebar’ motif which has been used in Java since the 13th century. This motif reflects the nature of women as a balance of tenderness and strength. The motif is represented through the lotus flower design with four blossomed leaves that symbolises longevity and purity. The second motif is the ‘Banji’ design which represents a disciplined life. This motif originated from the northern coastal regions of Java and popularised in the Banyumas regency and encompasses floral decorations combined with linear forms that epitomises the tenderness and beauty of women. The third motif is the ‘Parang KupuKupu’ that signifies the concept of not giving up which is supported by its strong fabric. This motif illustrates the beauty through which a butterfly must undergo metamorphosis to achieve its beautiful shape. The blend of motifs is aimed to reflect on the importance of constantly improving oneself to reach achieve their goals.